Happy Happy Birthday Brayden!!

We get to celebrate another birthday boy today!!  Brayden is 8!!  Where in the world has the time gone?!  I remember feeling like I would never get to sleep again.  And I remember feeling like those nights would never end.  But I blinked and here I am.  That sweet, no sleeping baby is eight years old.  And what a blessing that God chose me to be his mama!!
birthday boy!! =)
Brayden James, what a sweet blessing you are!  I wondered through my pregnancy how I could possibly love another baby as much as I did your brother.  And then they laid you in my arms that first time and you stole my heart!  I still don't know how, but I know that I do.  I love you more than you will ever know!  You are so full of energy and spunk.  You know what you want and you will stop at nothing to get it.  That strong will of yours exhausts me at times but I just know that God is going to use it in big ways for His glory!  You are the family clown ~ always making us laugh!!  You have a heart the size of Texas and you've yet to meet a sport you don't love!  Your giggles melt me and your love for life inspires me. 
I can't imagine our family without you!  You are so much like me and that challenges me in such unexpected ways! Your a blessing to everyone who knows you and you are so full of joy that its contagious.  You take your role as a big brother very serious and you do such a great job of loving your baby brother! (and your big brother too!)  You are my charming, sweet, loving, strong willed little man and I'm so thankful for you!
Keep your eyes on Jesus my love!  He has amazing plans for you and I can't wait to see that unfold!!  Your daddy and I are so very proud of you and always will be!  Never lose that determination and charm that make you uniquely you! 
Happy Happy Birthday to the sweetest 8 year old there is!!!
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
~Jeremiah 29:11~

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Angela said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!