Are you Lovin' It??

Cause i am lovin' that the Bachelorette is back!! Especially since most of my other shows ended for the summer!! Last night's episode was good....actually i thought it was really good!

Jillian Harris - The new season of The Bachelorette Pictures, Images and Photos

The first group date....another pool party. Interesting mix of guys....definitely a few that i was interested to "get to know" more about. Oh wait a second...what is this??? A new date idea?? (if you can really call a one girl/8 guy ratio a date!) Abc scores some creativity points for that one....i liked the whole scavenger hunt idea! Biggest stand out on the pool party turned scavenger hunt date is that i don't like Wes as much as i thought. Actually i just don't like him at all after what i saw last night. He seems "shady" for lack of a better word! He seems disrespectful and my impression after last night and the way he acted is that his intentions are no where near what they should be. Glad to see she kinda picked up on it but hopefully she will see right through it soon and send him and his geee-tar packin'!

Up next...the 1 on 1! And with Jake!! I was a little too excited when i heard he was the guy for the 1 on 1 date! He is just so darn cute but i was wondering if they would be a good fit for each other. Ummm yeah.....i had a perma-grin right along with her! They were adorable.....loved their date, loved how giddy she seemed, and loved them together!!! Something about the two of them just makes me smile! =) It will be fun to see it play out......i just hope he doesn't end up getting hurt.

The second group date was ok. Definitely got to see some of the guys personalities come out a little more! I think first impression rose guy (can't remember his name) has some anger management issues. I get that you don't like Juan (i don't either but i'll get to that in a minute) but geez dude....take a chill pill. I couldn't quite grasp why he got so worked up about anything Juan did! And yes....my thoughts on Juan. Don't like him at all. He rubs me the wrong way. He seems incredibly fake and like he would say whatever he thinks she wants to hear. And a little too cocky for my taste too. Won't be sad at all to see him go! Anyway~moving on! My other fave, Kiptyn, did not disappoint last night. They are really cute together and seem to really get along well! I would have loved to see him get the rose on the date....the whole run into the water in the speedo was sorta silly to me and i hardly think it deserved the rose! Come on Jill!! Give Kiptyn the rose!! ;)

And of course the cocktail party and rose ceremony! The whole vote for who you want to see go home thing is kind of lame~they need to drop that next season! But of course i wasn't surprised that Juan got the most votes! I'm sure if Wes didn't already have a rose he would have been the lucky winner and would have been just as deserving. My favorite moment of the cocktail party~sir nudity from Alabama. Someone should have clued him in that this was a cocktail party in a cali mansion, not a frat party. But it made for some great laughs! I wasn't really surprised by her choices in the rose ceremony~i think there are a few more that she needs to weed out before it will be harder to guess!

As always i am looking forward to next week and looking forward to hearing what you guys are thinking!! Who are your favorites right now?? What are some funnies that have stood out to you?? Can't wait to hear from you~my fellow bachelor/ette fans!!


April said...

That was a stupendous recap, my friend! You nailed it right on the head! I really don't know why, but I like the guy who's a break dance instructor. He has a fun personality and he has some mad dance moves! Jake, also, is a definite favorite of mine! I'm telling ya...the dude with the foot fetish creeped me out BIG TIME!

Femin Susan said...

sounds fun!!