Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu plan is short! We are leaving on friday to go out of town for a little over a week so i am only planning for a few days!! And as i'm sure you all know, when you are planning and getting ready for a family trip there is so much to do so my meals are pretty simple!! We will be headed to texas to visit family and celebrate the boys' birthdays with family and friends there!! Colby and Brayden are over the moon with excitement.....they will have 2 parties.....one at chuck e cheese with John's family and our friends in his hometown and then a pool party with my family and all of our friends where i grew up!! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to go visit with everyone and can't wait to get there and spend time with them!! In the meantime here is what we will be filling our tummies with this week....

Monday~ We went to a pool party and bbq with some friends!! I made tortellini salad and it is soooo good!!

Tuesday~ Crockpot BBQ Chicken w/ corn & bread-n-butter

Wednesday~ Shake n Bake Chicken w/ wild rice & broccoli

Thursday~ Chicken Nuggets w/ mac-n-cheese & mixed veggies! (i'm sure you've noticed this is a staple dinner around this house!! The boys are always excited when we have this!!)

Fri-Sun~ OUT OF TOWN!!! YAY!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend full of friends, family and remembrance! Head on over to orgjunkie.com and be inspired!! So many menus and recipes to browse thru.....you wont be disappointed!


April said...

Love your new blog design...super snazzy! Your meals for this week sound as good as ever! Hope you have a fantastic and safe trip to Texas! Enjoy every moment!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family. Have a safe trip!