Its that time again!

That's right folks.....The Bachelorette!!!

Wowsers.....30 guys! Can you imagine??!! And surprisingly there were actually quite a few who were decent!! And the previews promise a dramatic season....especially for dudes! I was surprised at the tears and drama in the previews~i expect it from chicks but am definitely looking forward to seeing what it is all about with the dudes!! =) Hubby watched it with me last night and was quite comical with his commentary on all the guys! So here are the thoughts that have stuck after watching last night.....

*Foot dude was creepy. I was surprised she kept him-someone definitely needs to let her in on his over the top foot weirdness!

*Did anyone else catch that one of the guys got out of the limo and called her "hottub harris"??? Seriously?? And if one more guy brought up jason i might have had to scream....you have very limited time w/ her so why in the world would you waste it talking about jason or last season??!!

*And how about Billbro (or however you spell it), the fitness model! ha! I don't even know where to start.....i'll just say that he gave us a few good laughs!!

*Loved the English man's accent and cracked up that they felt the need to use captions. ha!

*Ed (one of the surprise 5) looks soooo much like a friend of ours from Washington that its almost kinda creepy! But if Ed is as good a guy as our friend than Jill is in luck!!

And now for my faves! Like i said already, alot of the guys seemed pretty decent but there are 3 that really stuck out to me after last night! I really liked Jake the pilot, Wes the country singer and Kiptyn the cutie(i don't remember what he does!)!! They all three were good looking and seemed very genuine! I'm excited to see how everything plays out....she definitely has some quality guys to get to know! What are everyone else's thoughts?? Can't wait to chat each week as the season unfolds!! =)

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a boy a girl and a pug said...

I know there were so many good guys. I'm kind of skeptical for her. Simon the english guy was adorable and Kiptyn was so sweet too!