What a Day!

Well, as you already know i didn't get around to the picture post i wanted to last week so that is still to come! But i just have to share what a special Mother's Day i had!! Words can't say how blessed i feel to be the woman God chose to be these lil men's Mommy! They bring so much joy and happiness while challenging me in so many ways and all of it is so beautiful to me!

My day started with the two cutest boys ever waking me up (@8...score!) and lavishing me with hugs and cuddles! Then they gave me the gifts they made me with a little assistance from Daddy thru the week.....so sweet and better than any gift money could buy!! John passed on a card and instead wrote me a letter telling me how much i mean to him and what it means to him to have me as the mother of his children....he couldn't have done any better. His words mean so much to me and it is such a blessing to know that he feels the way he does! He also got me a dvd that i had mentioned a while back and never dreamed that he even payed any attention to but alas he surprised me! What a man! It certainly wasn't anything fancy but the thought that went into it is worth more than any fancy gift to me!! The only downer was that Colby is stillllll sick so we didn't get to go to church as a family. =( So John stayed home and off to church i went where i was so blessed by the worship, message, and fellowship. Seriously ya'll......our church family rocks!

After a couple of hours of down time w/ my 3 favorite men i was off for coffee, pedicures, and shopping with a couple of great Mommy friends! We had such a good time....God has been so faithful to bring amazing women into my life that i am incredibly blessed to call my friends! After our pampering and lots of laughs i was on my way home with pretty piggies, a new shirt and a new pair of flip flops in tow! Let me just tell ya....there is something about a pedicure and a cute new pair of flip flops that makes my heart happy!!

I truly couldn't have asked for a better day and i am more and more grateful all the time for these two little men who have blessed me with the best job title ever....a Mommy!

ps...my menu plan monday post will hopefully be up later today or tonight....or maybe tomorrow....who knows! Things are a little up in the air today and i have to keep ya guessin' ya know! ;)


April said...

So glad you had such an amazing Mother's Day...you are definitely loved by your guys a whole lot! Isn't being a mom just the greatest? Such a sweet picture you shared! Sure hope Colby feels better real soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

Erin said...

YAY! I totally agree that cute flip flops and piggies make you happy! Especially when it's sunny out.

So glad you had a nice Mother's day. Sometimes relaxing and getting the "little things" are the best.