Memorial Day is upon us and this is one holiday that evokes so many emotions for me. Honor. Pride. Sadness. Optimism. Awe. And the list could go on and on. Tears fill my eyes when i take time to consider how blessed i am to live in this amazing country!

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So many men and women pledge their lives to defend this great country. To defend my rights, our freedoms. I am filled with optimism when i look into the young faces of new sailors, airmen, and soldiers who have so selflessly signed on that dotted line to protect me and my family. I stand in awe of the many, many sacrifices that are made day in and day out by every American service member and their families. I am saddened when remembering the somber truth that lives have been lost in the fight to defend our freedom.....lives lost for you and for me. I am filled with pride to be an American! To live in the land of the free because of these brave men and women! I am honored to have grown up with 2 parents who served in the United States Air Force. And i am humbled that God has chosen me and called me to serve as a US Navy wife. I am so proud to say that my best friend, my lover, my husband is one of the brave. One of those who is selflessly fulfilling his God given calling in this life to serve this great country.

It is my prayer that as we all enjoy family and friends this holiday weekend at bbq's and picnics, parades and get togethers, that we would pause to remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms we have that are all too easy to take for granted. I cherish this country and the blessing it is to be a citizen of such a great nation. And this weekend i will remember in prayer all the lives lost and those who have been left behind.....may God pour out his comfort and love on all the family and friends who remember a loved one lost this weekend. And may He protect all of those who are serving around the world today and keep them from harm's way! I am truly proud to be an American....God Bless this Great Nation!!! Happy Memorial Day!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Aubs! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Erin said...

Wonderful post. Love that pic of Dad and his boys! Hope you are having a fun long weekend.

I STILL haven't watched the Bachelorette yet!! But I WILL before tomorrow night :)