i am alive!!! haha! Things have just been crazy! Here is a super quick bullet point list of whats been going on......i AM going to make time to post more this week and get caught up!!

*We had a fantastic trip back home to Texas! Busy but we got to see lots of friends and family and we had a great time celebrating both boys birthdays!

*I am now the mommy of an 8 yr old and a 4 yr old. Unreal. How did that happen??

*I am now officially in survival mode trying to make it thru my first Florida summer! Holy heat and humidity batman......i thought i had a general idea what i was up against having grown up in texas but boy was i wrong! Pray that i make it!

*Hubby and I are lost in a world of coupon-ing and scoring deals...its addicting....more to come on this soon!

*I am facilitating a bible study this summer for military wives (starting tuesday) and i am nervous, excited, anxious and completely humbled that God would use me in this way. Prayers for His will to be done thru this wonderful study would be greatly appreciated!! Seriously...me?? I feel so unworthy but what a blessing this will be for my walk with the Lord....i will HAVE to rely on Him completely!! Without Him i am not qualified or capable! And i pray this will be a huge blessing to the women who will be there!!

*I am in the process of trying to get into a routine now that summer is upon us and Colby is out of school! And yes....blogging will be a part of that routine!! Posting twice a week is my goal~i believe that is realistic and do-able! I am a planner, perfectionist and over thinker. Lately i have realized that i had very unrealistic blogging goals for my life as it is right now and so i would get stressed that i wasn't living up to my self imposed "quota" and so i would just not blog at all to avoid stressing over the fact that it had been so long etc etc etc. Yes, i realize i am crazy! ha! So for the sake of my sanity i have re-evaluated what is do-able for me and have set new blogging goals for myself! Feel free to tell me what a kook i am-i know it and promise you won't hurt my feelings! =)

* We got to church this morning with plans to attend the church picnic this evening and got home from church with plans for friends to all come to our place instead!! So an impromptu bbq it is!! I should probably wrap this up and get to slicin' tomatoes and onions, makin' tea so everyone has something to drink, and makin' sure we have everything we will need!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend!! Look for pictures and a summary of our visit to texas later this week!!


Anonymous said...

Glad that you had a great time in Texas and that you made it back safely!

Good luck with your Bible study!

~love said...

fun updates on what you've been up to...a lot!! =)
hope you all have a wonderful summer....and i cannot imagine the heat..ugh. hang in there!