Trust or Fear?

"I am taking care of you.  Trust me at all times.  Trust me in all circumstances."
"a time for everything and everything in its time"
"Stop trying to work things out before their times have come."
Just a few quotes from my devotional this morning.  Okay Lord, I'm listening!! =)
We received some news last week that was long prayed for and long awaited.  And its big....like...life altering big.  But it has brought on more waiting.  Waiting for more answers that will confirm which direction our future is going in.  There some huge changes coming for our family in the next couple of months, and this news confirmed that.  But what those changes are?!  We don't know yet.  AHHHH!!! 
We don't know where we will be living or what job, if any, my hubby will have but what we do know??  That God is at work here and has been every step of the way over the last few years.  The enemy's attacks are so strong right now.  Crazy strong and constant.  But as John and I laid in bed last night talking, i was reminded of two very special times in this journey that were so relevant at the time but also brought me so much clarity and comfort yesterday as i struggled to hand it all over to the Lord.  Struggled to trust and rest in knowing that God didn't change because of any news, or change, or earthly frustration.  None of this is a surprise to Him and He's got this!! 
One of those times was one day when i had stopped in our church office to take care of some ministry business and i had really been struggling with our situation.  I was tired and emotionally worn and one of our pastors picked up on it.  So we chatted a few minutes, i cried a lot (cause that's what i do), he prayed over me and then he told me the following....
Aubrey, i want you to remember that when Satan's attacks are strongest, you can be assured that God is at work in a big way in you and/or your family's life.  There is a spiritual realm that we don't see but the devil does....he sees God at work and he does the only thing he can.  He tries to rob us of peace.  He tries to invoke fear and anxiety.  Don't let him win.  God is at work in a mighty way in your family & situation, Aubrey.  Don't let Satan rob you of your peace. 
The other time was talking with another pastor/friend.  And she shared about a time in her past when she struggled alot like i was/am to understand what God was doing.  And she shared about a sermon she vividly remembers during that time when the pastor speaking said....
Sometimes God takes things away from us because He has something so much better and we would never give up what we have now on our own to move into what He has for us.
Both of those things were so relevant at the time they were shared with me.  And they brought so much peace at the time.  But yesterday??  The wrecked me in the best way because God used them to bring clarity to what we're facing right now.  To remind me that His ways are not my ways and to just hold on.  Just keep trusting that He has this. 
I literally don't know what our lives will look like in a few short months other than knowing that it will not be what it looks like right now.  The unknowns are endless.  The questions in my mind relentless.  But minute by minute, hour by hour, I will choose to trust in Jesus and his promises.  I will not let Satan win this battle ~ I will be joyful in knowing that while the weight of this seems too much to bear, its never too much for the Lord.  He's got me.  He's got my family.  And He will never forsake us!
We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks as we wait.  And then as we move into whatever it is that Gods plans for our future are!
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
~Proverbs 3:5&6~


Gnger said...

"He tries to rob us of peace. He tries to invoke fear and anxiety. Don't let him win. God is at work..."

I so needed this right now....because currently I am letting him win...robbing me of my peace and invoking much fear and anxiety.

So today I am going to work to actively change my focus

And you and your family will certainly be in my prayers and thoughts!

Lisl said...

We will definitely be praying for you and your family Aubrey. We love you!

Angela said...

Amen!! Remember... there's something bigger going on here. :) Praying for you and your family, friend! Hope God reveals a little piece of His plan to you soon. :)

Liz said...

I will praying for you and your family! I have a real issue with "letting go and letting God". I am a straight up control freak! But I have learned over the past few months with Bryan's health and him being out of work here and there that God really does provide. And he will for you, that is for sure! :)