Low key for me!

We've had the best low key weekend!!  Sometimes it seems life moves at such a quick pace that i crave weekends that aren't scheduled to the hour.  weekends to just be with my family and relax and enjoy each other and this weekend has been just that!

Saturday morning john took the big boys to see Avengers! (finally!)  They all wore their super hero shirts and the boys were SO excited!  While they were gone i got some blogging done while dylan napped and then dylan and i played until they got home.  Last night the big boys helped daddy grill some burgers and we ate burgers & baked sweet potato fries for dinner, and then just lounged and watched tv together.  Once the big boys were in bed, hubby worked on finishing up his school work for this term and i did some family vacay planning!

 {dylan wanting to be outside grilling w/ the big boys!}

 {excited about Avengers!}

{dylan wanted in on the super hero play action!} 

relaxed.  productive.  perfect!  hopefully we'll have a few more of these before sports start back up in the fall! ;)

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