dylan's birthday ~ part 3

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so this is where things got really crazy!  the doc looks up at the nurse and says "she's at a 0".  the nurse stares at the doc completely not understanding what he's trying to say so then he says "we're going to have a baby.  we need to get her in a room NOW!"  and it was like semi organized chaos broke out!  they rushed me into a room and there were atleast 3 or 4 people all around me taking my shirt off and putting a gown on me.  (totally don't care about the shirt...can i just push please?!)  asking me to sign waivers and paperwork. (i'm shaking so bad at this point from the pain and still have NO idea what i signed)  setting up the bed, telling me not to push....blah blah blah. 

and then?  anesthesia comes in.  what?  (remember that whole hospital policy about anesthesia in place for a vbac? so dumb.  just let me push!)  so because the baby is so far down the birth canal, i can't sit up. so they roll me on my side and proceed to attempt to administer a spinal block.  i went back and forth between screaming at the dude doing it  and crying and begging them to just let me have my baby!  finally they roll me back over and tell me i can push.  2 or 3 contractions later there he was!!

 {my fave right after birth pic!}

{overwhelmed with love for him!}

and somehow all that pain and craziness just disappears!  it was just me, john and this amazing baby boy!  i wondered with my 2nd pregnancy how i could ever love another baby like i loved colby.  and then brayden was born and it was instant.  then thru my 3rd pregnancy i just couldn't wrap my mind around how i could possibly have enough love to give 3 boys and then they layed Dylan on chest and i was head over heels.  It blows my mind that God can pour so much love into us that we are then able to love each of our babies so much!  And it never runs out ~ endless love!

 {colby & brayden meeting him for the 1st time!}

{be still my heart.  my boys!}

I still couldn't tell you who was in the room when i delivered but i do know that regardless of how crazy it was i am so thankful it ended with a healthy beautiful 8lb 9oz baby boy!!  fun fact ~ on my l&d record paperwork it shows that it was only 7 minutes between when they actually admitted me in the computer and when i delivered! =)

 {1st pic as a family of 5!}

 {LOVE him!}

 {sweet boy in the bili lights ~ he had pretty bad jaundice}

{going home!}

I remember daydreaming and wondering that last few weeks of my pregnancy what my labor and birth story would be like.  And i honestly assumed it would be like brayden's.....long, drawn out....i never dreamed it would be what it was!  I love birth stories.  I love how God is so creative and we each have our own unique stories surrounding such a wonderful experience in our lives!!

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