dylan's birthday

recording the story of dylan's birth is really mostly for me....so that i don't forget any of the details!  but you are welcome to read along!  it was a bit crazy and now its fun to look back on!  i'm breaking it up into 2 or 3 posts....

a little history to set the scene ~ with colby i had a c-section.  with brayden a successful vbac but had to be induced due to severe pre eclampsia.  my pregnancy with dylan was high risk for a couple of reasons and when i started contracting quite a bit early on my doc's goal was lets make it to 35 weeks.  My goal was 38 weeks.  God is so good and by His grace i was able to avoid bed rest and made it all the way until 2 days before my due date.  this was the longest i had ever carried a baby and it was july in pensacola, fl.  i was BEYOND ready to have that baby!  but i was in denial too!

sunday, july 17th i skipped church.  i told john "my grace tank is empty" and i just couldn't answer any more dumb questions  like "what are you still doing here?" and "when are you gonna have that baby already?".  i know people mean well but i was miserable and doing my best to not dwell on the misery and i just couldn't do it.  spent time in prayer begging God to get this party started! =)

{the day before i delievered!}

monday, july 18th around 4am i wake up to this strange pain.  i was so out of it that i remember thinking that was weird and laying back down.  about the time i was really starting to doze off it happened again.  (remember i had never done the whole go into labor on your own thing....)  this was certainly different than anything else i had felt and after a few more "pains" i decided i must be contracting.  woke john and told him.  we decided to time a few of them ~ every 11 minutes on the dot.  OMGOODNESS....this is where i got really excited!!  this was it!!  so i got up and ate a little bit of something since i just knew we'd be headed to the hospital at some point and they wouldn't let me eat. 

and then?  the contractions got a little sporadic....still painful but not so regular.  UGH.  i was so frustrated and told john to let me take a shower and then just head on into work.  (why i asked him to wait for me to take a shower i really don't know...)  as i was getting in the shower i had a really strong, doubled me over contraction and yelled out to john.  it has only been 9 minutes since the last one.  while in the shower another one ~ only 6 minutes since the last.  so totally in denial i was still frustrated but thankfully john decided he wasn't going into work!  ;)  from that point on i contracted every 6 minutes for a while...... 

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