What have we been up to??

The last couple of days passed in a blur!! Here is a quick summary of the fun we've been having....

We decorated cupcakes for dessert one night!

Brayden had his bestest lil friend over to play!

I had my daily heart attack (the having sons induced variety) when I walked around the corner and found this.......

Yes...that is Colby suspended in the air! Brayden thought it was G-R-E-A-T and Colby's reply to my immediate response of "What in the world are you doing??" was "Mom....its soooo cool". SIGH....such is life with boys!! Never a dull moment!

And as for me well....there has been alot of this.....

I haven't been feeling all that great.....=(. I've had a wicked sore throat and chest cold type of stuff. Not fun but it could be worse! So lots of cough drops and hot tea and I shall be on the mend soon! Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!!

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