Thank you "Culka"!!!!

I guess I will start this one off with a quick explanation (for those of you who aren't sure) of who "Culka" is!! The first time that Colby and I went to meet John's parents we told Colby to call John's mom Mrs. Miculka. Well it came out "Culka" (he had just turned 2) and it has stuck. So John's parents are Culka and Papa Culka!!

And a BIG thank you to them......the boys recieved their Valentines Day package yesterday and it was full of color wonder, glitter glue, and paints! FUN! So the boys dug into their goods yesterday afternoon and had a ball!!

And now a random thought for the day.....I believe there is something truly therapeutic about the smell of coffee brewing in the morning! (or afternoon, evening or whenever!) =) SNIFF SNIFF...AAAHHHHH.....I'm off to enjoy a cup o' joe and get ready for bible study!

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