Paper Chain and a Boo Boo

It has become a tradition when John is deployed for me and Colby to make a paper chain with a link for each week that Daddy will be away. Then once a week Colby tears off a link.....it has been a great way for Colby to visualize how long Daddy will be away and to watch Daddy's homecoming get closer as the chain gets smaller! So last weekend while Brayden was down for a nap we went to work and made our chain. And today Colby got to tear off the first link!!

And as for Brayden...well....things are pretty tough this time around. He is really missing his Daddy and for the last few days has spent atleast an hour a day at the front door crying for daddy. He doesn't want me...won't let me hold him or try to comfort him. It is heartbreaking and I want to help him understand and make it better. I'm sure with time that this will pass but any and all prayers for peace and understanding for my lil man would be so very appreciated.

Speaking of my lil man.....he got quite a yucky boo boo today at the super bowl party we were at...=( It was a great game and a wonderful time with friends and food. All was well until big brother decided it would be fun to drag lil brother around the house on the carpet. And this is one of those times when the Mommy guilt has hit big time because had I been paying more attention to the boys and not the game I am pretty sure I could have stopped Colby in time to prevent the rug burn. Poor Brayden has a big nasty rug burn on his tummy and he was in so much pain. And lets just talk about how much fun it was to put him in a 5 point harness carseat...OUCH....to come home. But thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who come to the rescue with BIG "bambaids" when in need! Here is my lil man who is now sleeping peacefully thanks to his "bambaids"!

Have you ever had a rug burn??? It hurts like the dickens.....I feel soooooo bad for him. Anyway.......other than the boo boo, we had a great weekend! It was busy but oh so fun. And now I am off to bed for some much needed shut eye!!!

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~love said...

that chain is such a wonderful tradition for you all. i took care of a military wife at the hospital this week that has a 3 & 4 year old. her husband is in GA right now and is soon going back to iraq.
i obviously thought of you & how much i admire what your family does every day for our country. i told her thank you and how much i admire her....but that never seems like enough.

so, anyway....i thought of you this week! and i'm praying for you all!

now--poor little brayden! but, there's that mommy guilt thing! don't do it! =) you're a wonderful mom! hope he's starting to feel better!

oh my goodness this got long! =)