A lil of this & A lil of that

Well....the beautiful weather has continued and I cannot say enough prayers of thanks! It has been great to be able to be outside and enjoy this gorgeous place we are so blessed to live! So we have been to the park and taken lots of walks and kept the windows open all day.....so very refreshing!!

Please tell me that I am not the only one who has such a hard time letting go of "my baby"!?! Brayden started a class at a local kids fun and fitness center and this is his first lil thing that is all his ya know?? I mean he goes to child care while I'm at bible study and he calls it his school but this is different! It is called Terrific Two's and they paint, do crafts, play and have circle time. What a big boy he is getting to be! The teacher said he did great and had a lot of fun! My lil man is growing up sooo fast

And....this afternoon Colby had his 1st grade music program!! Its so cute to see them all up on the stage nervous and excited! Colby has been practicing for a couple weeks now and did fantastic! I didn't get any pictures.......it was hectic and they had the parents sitting in the back of the gym so I video taped it for John. But i did snap a quick shot of him when we got home....it was a Presidents Day theme so they sang songs about George Washington and Abe Lincoln. Too fun and oh so cute!

So.....that was alot of random things but that is what we have been up to! Tonight we are headed to the missions conference at our church where we will be privileged to hear from missionaries we sponsor from all over the world! I am looking forward to hearing about Gods work being done around the world! And they even have a children's program planned where the kiddos will get to hear from missionaries while on a pretend world tour via pretend airplane! FUN FUN!!

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