What a Crack Up!!

Sooo....Brayden has been so funny lately!! He is talking more and more all the time and it is so fun to hear the things that come out of his lil mouth!! And some of the things he does are just plain comical....I love it! One day I hear "dis my work mama" and I turn to find this......

Dat's his work!! He was wearing Daddy's uniform shirt and hat!! Too cute!! And another funny from Brayden.......he decided to "wide"(aka ride) his "motocycle" (aka motorcycle)!! And the funniest part for me is that this is a toy that was Colby's and he did the exact same thing with it!! I love that I can relive some of those stored away memories this way!!
So here is Brayden riding his motorcycle and then him holding the motorcycle.....too fun!

And what has Colby been up to?? Well.....he is staying busy with school, Awana, and soccer lessons!! Who knew a first grader could have soooo much homework?!? Thankfully for the most part he has a great attitude but there are times that it is tough to keep him focused! He is doing well in school though, and I am so incredibly proud of him! And he recently finished his Skipper book in Awana and is now working hard towards earning his Hiker patch!! He is almost there...we should probably be sewing on his new patch in 2 weeks!! He loves Awana and I love that he has a fun, energetic place where he is encouraged to learn and love God's word. I also cherish the time we spend learning verses together....does it get much better than cuddling and learning the Bible??? Here is a snapshot of him on our way out the door to Awana last week....it was Career Clothes day so he chose to be a sailor!!

No doubt this is where Brayden got the idea......the admiration that these two have for their Daddy melts my heart. It is such a priceless gift to have the relationship with John that they do! Even with John being on the other side of the world....he does whatever he can to make sure the boys know how much he loves them and misses them. What an incredible daddy they have.....I love these 3 men God has blessed me with more than words can begin to say.

And as for me.....God is so good and I am so blessed!! I have settled into this deployment now and the boys have as well which makes day to day life so much more bearable! I won't say easy.....but my prayers for patience and strength have been so graciously answered and we are doing well! I have found a little bit of time lately for my Stampin Up which has been lots of fun! I miss it when I don't have time to play! =)

And this afternoon I have been making berry applesauce!! YUMMY!! The boys love it and so do I and it is super cheap and easy! We have had so much fun picking berries while living here and our freezer is pretty well stocked so I figured I would pull some out! So today I used logan berries and raspberries. The house smells amazing and we are gonna have a GREAT after school snack!

Here is the recipe!

Berry Applesauce

2 cups berries
3 lbs tart apples (cored, peeled, and chopped)
2 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon (i use more cinnamon cause we like it!)

Place all ingredients in a lg. soup pot over moderately high heat. Bring mixture to a simmer, stir, cover and cook for 20 min. stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and puree in a blender or food processor. Serve hot or cold! Enjoy!!

So easy and it is soooo good!!! Now Brayden and I are gonna bundle up and head out for a walk to pick bubba up from school! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Erin said...

Aubs - thanks for the comments on my blog. I am inspired by your faith and commitment - to your lord, your family, and your country. Raising your two little ones day to day with your husband away serving is such a HUGE sacrifice. And yet you seem to do it with grace, compassion, and an understanding that this is what you are meant to do. THANK YOU! May God continue to bless you and your family.

Mama-se, Mama-sa, Ma-ma-coo-sa said...

I'm totally making this tonight! Sounds yummy!

Marlene Bibby said...

Let me introduce myself. I am Jean Bibby's mother in law. I have just begun to make cards a few months ago, and I think the cards that you pictured above are simply marvelous. Would you be willing to send me the picture of them to my email so that I could use some of your ideas? If not, I truly understand. You may want to save your creations for yourself. But if you do, here is my address - bibbymj(at)mintel(dot)net. Have a great day.