2015 was a GOOD year!! {part 2}

If you missed when I shared some of my favorite memories from the first part of 2015, you can check it out here!
Today, I'm back to share some of my favorites from the second half of the year!
In late July & early August I set off on another girls trip! This time with my bestie Sarah (from Seattle), her sister (who lives in Chicago), & Amy (from Washington)!
First Sarah and I flew to Chicago and stayed with her sister!  We had so much fun exploring, shopping, eating and laughing!
On the train into the city!
Cocktails @ Dylan's Candy Bar. Best place ever!! Its an amazing candy store AND a bar where they use candy in the drinks. BEST!!

Chicago is an amazingly beautiful city! It definitely stole a piece of my heart!

After a couple days of exploring Chicago, we all flew to NYC and met our friend Amy! I LOVE love LOVE New York City!  I went twice last year and will be going again this year.  There is just something about that city that has me hooked!  This time, I was operating on an injured ankle and walking was painful.  My orthopedic doc did a steroid injection to try to help with the pain while on the trip but after Chicago I was in a lot of pain.  I barely made it thru our first day in NYC.  I was physically ill from the pain.  So I told the girls that I was going to stay at the hotel the next day and rest my foot but they weren't having it.  They found a wheelchair.  So.....I did NYC by wheelchair.   Sigh.  Not my idea of fun but we made the best of it!
Coney Island!!

The Plaza.{Lady M crepes are one of my FAVE things to have in NYC so we hit up the Plaza to indulge!} Carriage ride thru Central Park. Dylan's NYC. Bloomingdales.  This was a fun day!!

Freedom Tower. So beautiful. 

Y'all. I encourage you to click on this to enlarge it. And take in the progression of Naked Cowboy placing my hand on his rear end and my absolute embarrassment! Oh and? Sarah is getting out $$$ to give him in the last pic! Hilarious!

Our last night we went to 230 5th! A rooftop bar/restaurant with a super fun vibe and the BEST views!!
Now, to know me is to know my deep love for reality tv!  And at the top of my list of favorite shows is Big Brother.  For the second year in a row, I got to fly out to LA, stay with my girlfriend Erin (from Bringing Up Burns) and attend the wrap party hosted by the fabulous Ryan Carrillo & Rachel Reilly!!  It is the best time!  The first year I met SO many current & former cast members from Big Brother of course but also Survivor and Amazing Race!  We had so much fun the first year that we actually wondered if this party could live up but it absolutely did! So much fun!!
My Mom & Meemi came out and stayed with the boys while I was gone!  I'm so blessed with such a supportive family!
Me & Erin with Mike H.{winner of Survivor:Worlds Apart!!}

Me and the gorgeous Audrey M. {from BB17!} I love this girl!!

Me with the gorgeous Rachel Reilly{BB 12 & 13, Amazing Race 20 & 24!}

Me w/ Clay H. & Shelli P.{both from BB17!} Y'all....Shelli is just as gorgeous & sweet in person!

Me & Becky B.{BB 17}
Shortly after returning home from Los Angeles, I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to head to Atlanta and enjoy a girls night with Shelli & Audrey!!  We had dinner and went to a screening of the movie Free Held!  It was so much fun ~ these girls are both just the best!
At dinner!  The food was so good!
Heading into the movie!

Love them!!!

In addition to the travel & events in 2015, there were so many good times with friends that made it such a wonderful year!  Here's just a peek at some of the fun....

I had the privilege of seeing a long time dream of a ministry for military women come true last year and these girls were by my side and worked so hard to make it all happen! Love them!

kickball games at the park with our best friends easily make the list of fave memories!

best friends at the beach!

at dinner w/ my besties for my birthday!
Besties & dinner again, this time for Travis's birthday!
oh how I love and miss these girls!

Pumpkin Patch hayride with the whole crew

me and some of my girls at my going away dinner in Pensacola

when I was house hunting in Texas, thankfully I didn't have to do it alone! My friend Sarah from Seattle was with me and two of my high school besties came too! So we checked out a fun wine bar one night!
What a year!!  There were ups and downs, challenges, & struggles but that all pales in comparison to all of the fun, laughter, & blessings that my memories of 2015 are made of!  Hope you've had fun taking a stroll  down memory lane with me!!


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