Beginning to look alot like Christmas!

I'm so excited to be decorating for Christmas this year!!  Last year we went back home for Christmas so didn't decorate and i SO missed it! 
Being a military family, we never know from year to year where we'll be but one of my favorite things is that regardless of where we are or what our circumstances are, we ALWAYS put the Christmas tree up together as a family! (we're SO blessed that deployment has never kept daddy away for Christmas...close...but he's always made it home!)  I so look forward to this sweet time each year and its fun that the older boys now look forward to it each year as well!

we put the tree up during the day but waited to do ornaments until littlest was in bed!

i need to buy a bigger tree every few years so i can try to forget how big the boys are getting....;)  he looks so tall by the tree!

our silly boy.  love him!

prepping ornaments for them to hang!

i can literally picture in my mind how they have looked each year....


Growing up we always had a real tree, but Colby has alot of allergy issues so its a fake one for us!  How about you??!  What kind of tree do you have??  Any fun traditions around the Christmas Tree??  I'm loving this holiday season already ~ hope you are too!!

For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
~Proverbs 2:6~

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Anonymous said...

Hey Aubs! Your tree is beautiful! I grew up having a real tree also but Bryan has really bad allergies. I think I like artificial better....less mess.