Our Little Cubby

As most of you know Colby is involved in the AWANA program and loves it!! And we love it! And Brayden has wanted for soooo long to go to awana too.....and now he does! He is old enough for the Cubby program thru awana this year and he is l.o.v.i.n.g. it! And with both of the boys involved John and I are able to volunteer and help out! What a blessing it has been each week to spend time with all these precious kiddos and help them grow in the Word of God. John is working with the Sparks program which is Colby's age group and i am helping in Cubbies with the 3 and 4 year olds!

We are so proud of how well Brayden is doing learning his verses and reciting them for his leader each week. His enthusiasm is contagious and he couldn't be more excited to learn God's word! Last night was his first awards night where he earned his vest and book! He was so proud and excited that the whole family was there to see him receive his award.

This program has proven to be such a blessing for our family and we are truly enjoying learning alongside our children as we grow in the Word of God together!


Erin said...

That is awesome, Aubs! I love it when kids are fired up on God. His proud smile is so cute!

~love said...

we are in the same spot this year. anika SO wanted to go to cubbies last year...and now they're both in there together. it's fun to see them so excited and learning. i think it'd be fun to help, too...but for now we're doing a bible study during that time on strengthening your marriage. in fact...we're off to go there now...
glad you all are on the mend!! =)

ShortOne said...

AWESOME - it sounds like a great family event!

Hope everyone is finally on the mend over your way.

stop by & visit me - I left you a little surprise at my blog.