My new toys!!

I got new toys this weekend!! Like fabulous big girl toys!! =) I have been wanting a Dyson vacuum for a looooong time now and a new camera is something John and I have been talking about for a while too. So this weekend i got both!! A new camera and a dyson. And not just any dyson....a PINK dyson!!! Target had some pink items advertised in support of breast cancer research so not only did i get my new vacuum but $30 will be donated to the breast cancer research foundation. So enough talking....here are pictures of my new toys!!

I intend to put both of my toys to very good use!! I've never been so excited about vacuuming!! And i can't wait to take pictures of my quick moving kiddos and not miss the shot because i'm waiting for the camera to be ready!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to vacuum!! =)

p.s.~ Brayden is doing much better.....still occasionally complaining of pain but the drainage has stopped and no more fever so i do believe he is on the mend!! Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!


ShortOne said...

can you say jealous!? I want a new camera & one like your new one would be so nice!

I should be coveting your new vaccuum too, but since it is not my favorite chore - nah!

hope baby boy keeps getting better!

Erin said...

I guess if we have to vaccuum, we might as well do it in style, right!?

Can't wait to see some pics from that camera!

Scrapper Mom said...

Congratulations on your new toys. That is the exact camera I have and I love it!

a boy, a girl and a pug said...

love the pink! mine's the old school yellow, but truly one of the best products we've ever gotten.