Mumble Jumble

Things have been crazy in the miculka household lately!! I have been so exhausted by the time i get a chance to post that i just put it off.....but i'm back! Atleast i think things are going to settle down a little bit! =)

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey was in Everett this weekend!! We got tickets for opening night and after Colby's 1st day of 2nd grade we hit the road for the circus!!! The boys were so excited and while i'm not a big fan of crowds at events like that i do love the excitement and environment! We ended up having to leave at the intermission because it was getting late and we had a long drive home but we all enjoyed the time we had!! When asked what their favorite part was both boys excitedly exclaimed "the motorcycles!" Of course...silly me! I didn't get as many pictures as i would of liked but it was soooo crowded and it was too much to try to keep track of the boys and take lots of pictures so....here are a couple that i did manage to get!

And today we had Colby's 1st soccer game of the season! They are the green vipers this season and they had a great season opener!! Its always fun to see the improvement from season to season and they have all grown in their game play this fall!! I forgot the camera in the car so i didn't get any pictures at the game but i will post some in the future!

After the soccer game we headed to Home Depot for their monthly kids workshop! We made paper football goals! And they even gave out directions on how to fold a paper football! FUN!

And last but not least Brayden is sick. =( Poor little guy......i'm pretty sure he has an ear infection. It started with him complaining that his ear hurt yesterday morning. I noticed that he did have some dry gunk on the inside of his ear so i cleaned it with a q tip and figured it must of just been bothering him to have that there. Well....he continued to complain throughout the day and i noticed a little later in the day that there was more dry gunk. I started to suspect that there must be drainage. Today he is just not feeling good, still complaining of pain and has increased drainage. Right before his nap he spiked a low fever. We struggled with ear infections when he was an infant until we had tubes put in when he was 18 months old and we haven't any problems since. It is odd to me that this would be happening now so please keep him your prayers. We are hoping to be able to keep him comfortable and control the fever until Monday morning so we can avoid the ER!

I think that's about it for now.....that seemed like the longest post ever! So if you are still reading this than congrats for making it through all my mumble jumble!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


Scrapper Mom said...

Poor little guy. He looks like a little angel laying there. No matter how old your kids are, you just never stop wanting to baby them when they are sick. My 17 yo had strep right before school started twice, and ran a high fever. I was just as motherly as I had always been.

And..I love that home depot has that workshop for kids. I didn't know that, but that looks like a ton of fun for little boys.

ShortOne said...

hope he's feeling better now. those ear infections are just awful!

we love ringling bros circus too - we have been several times and had a great time.

Erin said...

I am catching up as we haven't had a computer at home for the past week! I hope you made it thru the weekend without and ER visits. Get better Brayden!!

Also - the picture of Colby on his first day of school is too cute!

Lainey-Paney said...

wow. that's a lot to post about.
The circus, soccer, school & home depot projects. All sound & look awesome!!!
Ear infection?! Not so much fun. Poor guy!

boygirlboy said...

looks like fun. Jason will be there soon. He comes bearing gifts too.