Mini Project Complete!

At least one of the many many projects on my list was completed this weekend!! I ordered the bed rails for Brayden's bed a few months ago and got the call that they were ready for pick up last month. But they were ready for pick up in Seattle and I just could not get down there. Something always came up....so last week my good friend Aaron picked them up for me and brought them to me!! THANK YOU Aaron!!!

So this weekend our good friends Ross & Carly and Ryan & Ashley came over and we ate and the guys put together Brayden's big boy bed!! He is soooo excited....before this weekend he had a full size mattress set but no head board or foot board. It is amazing what a difference it has made!! So another big THANK YOU to Ross and Ryan for your help! I am so very blessed to be surrounded by great friends who are always willing to help in any way they can!

So...I am one step closer to completing the boys room re-do's and of course I will finish just in time to pack up and move again but I am determined to get them done!! More pictures to come as I get more done but for now....I can check one more thing off my list!!

Please tell me I am not the only one who just can't seem to find enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to?!? But I will keep chugging along, trying to get as much done as I can, and continue to work at being content with knowing I am doing my best!


Anonymous said...

You are definitly NOT the only one who can't find enough hours in the day! Get used to it now, because as you get more "mature" (my word for "older"), the hours FLY by and you never can find them. But on the bright side, you don't worry about it as much either.

Hi Colby and Brayden. Papa and I love you and miss you a bunch.
Grama Terry

Erin said...

I always say I need more hours in the day - or I need to learn to function with less sleep!!

Either way, I think I would still have too much on my "TO DO" list! :)

Loved your Easter post below. Cute pic of the three of you!

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Eric and I just had the same discussion about needing more hours in a day. It seems like I've had baskets of laundry glued to our bedroom floor for the past two weeks! I keep saying, "as soon as ____ is over I'll get it together" but something else seems to come up. :-)