Feelin' the Love!!

Is there any feeling better than the love of your child?!? My favorite is when I go to pick Brayden up from his little class on Fridays......his face just lights up when he sees me and he runs into my arms!! It is the greatest feeling in the world and makes all the struggles of parenting seem so small in comparison! I also love the random hugs and kisses I get from the boys.......LOVE IT!! They just know how to make me feel so incredibly loved and appreciated sometimes ya know!?! Even Colby...although you know he can't do it in public cause that just isn't "cool"!! =) But he is still so sweet and loving and I'll take all the love I can get even if it is just at home!

And John has been so wonderful about making me feel incredible lately too! I don't know if he realizes how much it means to me......but in every email he sends the past couple of weeks he mentions in one way or another how amazing I am to him! So...since I know he does get to check this blog....Thank you Babe for your dedication to making sure I know how much I mean to you. You are truly amazing to me as well.......hold your head high and know that I am so proud of you!! I love you so very much and I am so blessed by you!

So all in all I am just feeling extra loved lately and it is WONDERFUL!!

I took the boys for much overdue haircuts yesterday afternoon and Brayden sat in the chair all by himself!! He is just growing up so much and it seems every week there is some new way his growth is showing itself!! Colby did great as usual......he does such a good job of setting a great example for his lil brother! Of course I forgot the camera so I didn't get any pics of the action but I did snap this one when we got home......

And here is one of Brayden when we got home from his class this morning! He is holding his "tictures" (aka pictures) that he made today!! TOO CUTE!

Tonight I am having a few girlfriends over to do some stamping!! I am looking forward to it so....no doubt we will have a good time!! Here is a lil peek at a couple of the cards we will be making!!

Hope everyone is feeling the love today as much as I am!!

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Jean Marie Bibby said...

I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you are, too!

I love the cards! I'm just getting into Stamp'in Up and I LOVE IT! I wish you were closer so you could help me :-).

The love of a little boy is such an amazing thing. There are no words to describe it.