Luck O' the Miculka's


I was looking forward to a fun filled green filled day and things didn't quite work out the way I would have liked. As alot of you know, Colby spent all of last week sick with a "fever virus." (who even knew there was such a thing??? ) And in perfect Colby style he has spread the "love" and lil brother has now come down with it. Poor kiddos....So I spent my St Patty's Day catering to a cranky, feverish 2 year old! I couldn't even get him to put on his cute lil shirt I got for today....=(.....but it wasn't worth fighting him over! Colby, however, did get to sport his St Patty's gear and even got to go to the parade downtown after school!! I didn't tell him until i picked him up from school and he was beyond excited! So....a BIG THANK YOU to our good friends the Martin's, for taking Colby along! Hope everyone had a fun day!

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