Toothless Colby!

Colby has been obsessed with having loose teeth and teeth falling out for about a year now....since his friends at school started losing them. Finally a few months ago he had his first loose tooth! He was soooo EXCITED and couldn't wait for it to fall out and get money from the tooth fairy. As time passed we noticed that not only was the tooth not coming out but the permanent one was coming in behind it so long story short......the dentist decided he needed not only the one tooth pulled but BOTH bottom teeth pulled. He was a total champ about the whole thing and is now missing his 2 bottom teeth. TOO STINKIN CUTE! I love it!

AND we got to use John's tooth fairy pillow from when he was little! Grandma "Culka" was very excited to send it to us as soon as Colby discovered his loose tooth and Colby was equally excited to use it last night! It was so fun to begin the tooth fairy fun with our boys using the very same pillow that caused such excitement for John so many years ago! So here is a pic of the Bert pillow and Colby's loot!

And I had to take a picture of Brayden of course.....if anyone is getting their picture taken you better be planning on taking one of him too in his mind! So here is Brayden being Brayden!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! We aren't planning on doing a whole lot....it was kind of a tough week so we are going to relax and possibly go to the library tomorrow!

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