Hope for the Homefront

I started a bible study yesterday through the women's ministry at our church and I am so excited. It is called Hope for the Homefront and is a whole study of scriptural encouragement for military spouses. What a blessing this is going to be for me at this time in my life....wednesday mornings with a wonderful group of women who have a desire to learn God's word and live a life for him while gaining knowledge to help me on my journey as a Navy wife!

I left yesterday with a new outlook on my life as the wife of a US Navy sailor. My lord and savior has called me to this marriage and therefore has called me to be a military wife. What an honor......he has great plans for me and this is something I have always known. But it put it into perspective for me that part of his plan is for me to live this lifestyle and I need to strive daily to look to him for his guidance and do his will for me and not my own. Its not easy and he never promised it would be but he KNOWS I can do this and who am I to question that?? I CAN DO this and I WILL make the best of it and do my best to learn from every challenge I face along the way.

So no doubt there will be more to come as I continue to grow and learn in his word....I am so excited and grateful to be so incredibly blessed. This bible study is already doing wonderful things for me and i can't wait to see where else my savior may lead me!

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Jean Marie Bibby said...

I will add you to my prayer list for you and the gals from your group.
I am pleased to tell you we now have 13 ladies that come to the Mom's Group on a regular basis. Now if only I could come up with a name for our group. Any ideas?

To God be the Glory,