My Basketball Champs!

Basketball season has come and gone for us and it was such a FUN few months!! 
Brayden's team was the Ballers and they had a fantastic group of kiddos on the team and we were blessed with the best coach!!  One of my favorite things about watching this team was that out of 7 kids, 4 had never played basketball before!!  The growth through the weeks from game to game was AMAZING and SO fun to watch!!  Coach Kore stayed true to teaching the kids the game of basketball and encouraging hard work and never made it all about winning.  His dedication to these kids and the kids hard work paid off when they went into the playoffs 5th out of 6 teams, and won their way to the CHAMPIONSHIP game!! 
{love the look of determination on his face! also? that's his best friend in the blue!}

{he had just made a shot to tie the game!  that was his signature celebration move when he made a shot!}

{shooting free throws! he made this one! and i never want to forget how he crossed his feet like that every time he shot!}
Brayden was named MVP for the season and I could not be prouder of him!!  He LOVES the game of basketball, is insanely talented at it, and had such a huge heart for encouraging and helping the kids on his team!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for this boy in this game!!
Colby's team was the Heat and what a great season they had!  Last year was Colby's 1st year to play basketball and it was rough.  A lot of valuable lessons were learned but it was hard for him, and hard for this momma to watch and love him through!  But he kept working hard and didn't give up and it paid off!! 
This year his team was in the finals game and whoever won went on to play in the championship game!!  Man oh man were both teams hungry for the win!!  It was an awesome game and with 12 seconds left, we were down by 3 and Colby was at the free throw line.  {no pressure huh?!}  He made both shots and the other team got the ball.  Steal. Shot. Miss. Rebound. Layup annddd......MADE IT!!!!  WE WON THE GAME!!!!  Down by 3 with 12 seconds left and they came back and won by 1!!!  I'm pretty sure I aged 10 years in that 12 seconds and I was totally the crazy mom screaming and jumping up and down in the stands!!!  Ha!!  It was totally like something out of a movie and a moment I don't think any of those boys will ever forget!!!
{that's my boy bringing the ball down!}

{shooting free throws!}

{celebration after they won their way into the championship game!  after never coming within 10 points of winning a single game in his 1st season, this picture brings tears to my eyes!  the results of hard work and never giving up!}
I'm so incredibly proud of Colby's hard work, determination, and his decision to give basketball another try after such a disappointing first year!!  He's an amazing player and was a top scorer and rebounder for his team!!
{So proud of these two!!  Couldn't love them more!}

{its a tie between this cutie and me for their #1 fan! ha!  littlest was a trooper through some long days at the bball gym and he LOVED cheering for his brothers!!}
Above all else these 2 had tons of fun and I had tons of fun cheering them on!!  Looking forward to summer basketball camps and to next season!!

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