Favorite Ornaments

I just thought i would share a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments with all of you!!  I love how something so simple can stir so much emotion and bring back so many memories!  I don't have very many sentimental ones, but the ones i have are so special to get out every year!

a family ornament from the year brayden was born!

this is a picture of brayden & colby etched on a plastic ornament! its cheap, thin plastic but i LOVE it!
this one was the gift for us that brayden's teacher helped them make at school last year! the snowmen are made w/ his little fingerprints!!  it was such a thoughtful, fun idea and i just love it!

our family ornament including dylan! notice it says 2012...oops! i totally should've gotten it last year but we didn't put up a tree and i totally forgot!

We also get an ornament for each of the boys every year that somehow relates to them for that year!  When they are little, we choose the ornament.  As they get older we let them choose!  We write their name & the year on them and my plan is to give each of them a box of their ornaments when they get married!  I'm not one to keep lots of nick knacks or paintings they do, etc. but i do save a small number of special things for them and this is one of them!! =)  I hope their ornaments are a fun way for them, when they are grown, to remember our Christmas's as a family!
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and i am helped. My heart leaps for joy and i will give thanks to him in song.
~Psalm 28:7~

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Anonymous said...

All of them are so cute! That's a great idea to give them their ornaments when they marry. We have a few sentimental ornaments too!