I was recently introduced to this little gem called Birchbox.  Have you heard of it?!!  Its a genius idea and i'm so excited to get my first one!!  Basically it works like this ~ you sign up & wait to get an invite.  Then you pay $10/month and they send you a box of hand picked high end beauty & lifestyle samples, personalized based on a survey you complete!  GENIUS i tell ya!!

It's like a special little gift that arrives at your door step every month!  And its a great way to sample various products before buying the pricier full size stuff!  A fun gift to me every month & cutting down on the collection of barely used products that i figured out i didn't really like AFTER spending money on it?! Does it get any better than that?!!  Birchbox ~ Check it out!  Sign up!  I'm pretty sure you won't be sorry! =)

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.
~Psalm 45:11~

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That does sound fun! I hope you are enjoying it!