Whirlwind Weekend!

Last weekend was a very fun and fabulous and busy one!! Friday night me and some girlfriends did a girls night out in honor of my birthday. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! We had such a great time and i truly enjoyed the time with them without the yelling and screaming of playing kids as background noise or playing referee between kiddos or drying tears from hurt feelers. It was just us and we were able to talk and just be! And thank you to all of our fabulous hubby's for staying home with previously mentioned kiddos! (don't get me wrong....i love my kids but we all know how nice it is to get out sometimes!!) I even had the cutest little 90 year old lady sing me happy birthday in pig latin....it was hilarious!! Great times!!

My personal pig latin singer!

The Crew and our waitress that put up w/ us for 3 1/2 hrs!!

Saturday we woke up and headed out for a day at the county fair!! It was HOT.....very HOT....at least for us. OK....actually being a Texas girl at heart i can't believe i am even saying this but it was 85 degrees and we were dying! What in the world am i going to do in Florida next summer????? It rarely climbs out of the 70's here so 85 was HOT! But we still had a good time! I forgot my camera but Ashley had hers and was nice enough to snap a few pictures!

Mommy helping Brayden w/ some sand art!

the boys petting a sheep

Colby making a frisbee!

Sometimes life throws us crazy curve balls that we just don't expect and we had one of those thrown our way last week. We got word that our friend Steve would be deploying this week. And slowly it sunk in that we will be gone when he gets back. So just like that we may never see him again. But we just couldn't let that happen so on Sunday we had Steve & Heather and Ashley & Ryan over for one last bbq. We truly enjoyed our last bit of time spent with Steve and will miss him lots.

Steve~ Good luck! We have been so blessed by both you and Heather and couldn't ask for better friends. Rest assured that i will do everything i can to make sure Heather is taken care of while you are away! We will be praying that you are able to successfully complete your mission and return home safely! God Bless!

So like i said....it was a fun, fabulous, and busy weekend!! I wouldn't trade the craziness for anything....as long as it is craziness with this 1 big guy and 2 lil guys that are my world!!


ShortOne said...

fun, fun, fun - we do all need a girls night every so often!

the fair looked like lots of fun!

i will keep your friend being deployed in my prayers!

Scrapper Mom said...

I don't remember if I told you or not...but happy birthday a little late. Don't ya just love hangin' with the girls?

russ said...

Love that girls night out! Glad you had fun!