Playdate....kind of.....

Or maybe impromptu playdate would be a better title?? Don't know...either way we had a fun time with friends yesterday! It all started with Crystal and kiddos coming over to visit and play! Then us mommies decided we were starving and a trip to the golden arches was in order! So we loaded up and headed out and on the way i decided to put in a couple of phone calls and see who else might want to join us! Sooo...we ended up invading McDonalds and had a great time! The mommies got time to catch up and play pass the baby and the big kids got to run and play in the play place!

Sarah w/ Elliot and Hal'e

Me with lil RJ

The big kids...Colby, Madilyne, Brayden & Isaac

Lil Elliot-6wks Is he not the cutest thing????

I've said it over and over and i have to say it again...i am beyond blessed with the B.E.S.T. girlfriends ever!! Its funny how when moving across the country away from everything i had ever known i had an unbelievable sense of peace that i couldn't quite understand but was incredibly thankful for! I now recognize where that peace came from......God had a plan and what a marvelous plan it has turned out to be. He has just blessed me and my family beyond our wildest dreams and thanks be to Him for all He has done. There have been trials and tough times and even thru all of that he has provided!

Crystal, Sarah, and Ashley........you have become a HUGE part of my life and i couldn't have made it through the last few years without you. We have been through some of the darkest of days and some of the happiest of days but most importantly we have been through all of it together. You 3 inspire me, make me laugh, are always there and i cannot begin to thank you enough for your friendship. As we all look ahead to the distance that will soon separate us please always remember that there is no distance too great to break the friendship God has blessed us with. You will always be my sistas from another mr!! =)

Me, Crystal, & Sarah (Ashley had already left....)

here's one of me and Ash from a couple months ago =)

"Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief." -Joseph Addison

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Erin said...

Sweet post Aubs. Nothing is better than girlfriends! So glad you are blessed with yours.