Vacation ~ Dallas!

The first part of our vacation was all about the big boys!  We didn't have a birthday party for them this year and instead surprised them with this trip!!  It was alot of fun to plan and to surprise them with!!  We headed out on a saturday, drove to Shreveport, La and stayed the night.  It was easily the worst night we've had with Dylan in his 14 months of life.  I seriously thought we were going to have to find an ER ~ he just wouldn't stop screaming! CRAZY!  But after a couple of hours he finally fell back asleep.  Not the best start but we were determined to have fun, exhausted or not! 

The next morning we drove the rest of the way into Dallas!  We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine and it was fantastic!!  The front desk staff was amazing and totally went out of their way to get us into our room early which was a huge blessing because we had tickets to Medieval Times for that evening!  The big boys LOVE Medieval Times and we enjoy it as well! 

excited to be there finally!!

@ medieval times

On Monday, we did some shopping during the day and had to hit up Trader Joe's to stock up on a sinful little obsession of mine called cookie butter.  There isn't a Trader Joe's near us so i had to be sure to hit 'em up while i could!  have you had this stuff??!! 

 It's so good!  I totally blame Erin @ Bringing up Burns for this addiction of mine! (by the way....i can't believe i'm lucky enough to call Erin my friend cause she is AMAZING and i LOVE her and you should totally head over and check out her blog!  you'll be hoping you can call her friend one day too!!  she's really THAT amazing!)

After shopping, we just spent the rest of the day playing at the waterpark back at Greatwolf!

these two LOVED these slides!

still not so sure about all this water everywhere.... :)

On Tuesday, we had tickets to do a tour of the Cowboys stadium!  Colby & Brayden LOVE the Cowboys. (as do we!)  And i'm sure you're aware that being a Cowboys fan isn't the easiest job right now but they are dedicated and unwavering! The tour was so fun and informative!!  That stadium is huge and amazing!  The boys were just in awe standing in the locker room and on the field!  Made me smile SO big to know they were enjoying it so much!!

this little guy loves the cowboys too! =)

they took pictures by all of their fave players lockers!

dylan LOVED running around the field! he wasn't having anymore of his shoes being on.... {sigh}  

Colby wants to be a kicker! =)

brothers & best buddies!

my heart. geez i love these three!

Then of course it was back to the hotel for more waterpark play!  Dylan wasn't too sure about the water at first but he slowly warmed up to it!

Wednesday we didn't leave the resort all day!  We played at the waterpark.  Went to the arcade.  Played at the waterpark some more.  Played MagiQuest.  Just had fun and did what we wanted, when we wanted!!
colby on the lily pads ~ he loved this!

brayden's favorite was the pool basketball!

all my guys! colby's face cracks me up! he must have made the shot!! =)

daddy and little man!

dylan would have rode in this little thing ALL night!

about to cash in!

Our time in Dallas was refreshing and fun!!  John and I so needed that time away from all of the pressure and hard "stuff" we've been facing to just enjoy our boys and have a good time!  We did leave Greatwolf with 2 injuries ~ Dylan fell in the arcade and busted his face and Brayden fell in the waterpark and whacked his hip bone on the edge of a stair (OUCH!!) ~ but with 3 crazy boys i'm calling that a win!! ;) 

Next up ~ we headed to San Antonio to visit family and surprise the boys one more time!!!  Back to share about it soon!!

Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made
 him glad with the joy of your presence.
~Psalm 21:6~


Mix and Match Mama said...

Hey girl! I just wanted to tell you that I think you're awesome! You always leave the best comments and are super, super encouraging. Your family is adorable. I'm so glad you had a great vacation. Have a blessed day!! XOXO

Lainey-Paney said...

We have sooooo got to try the Great Wolf Lodge. Everyone seems to love it!