Where oh where.....

...in the world have i been?!  geez....settling into an after summer routine has been challenging and blogging just keeps getting pushed aside!  here's a glimpse at some of what has been keeping me busy lately!

** homeschooling. a couple years ago i remember very distinctly making the statement in conversation, "i'm pretty sure God would never call me to homeschooling. it just isn't for me!" and isn't that just how God works?!  little did i know that was the beginning of Him leading us to now and to the decision that for right now, homeschooling is what is best for our family.  its been challenging in so many ways and i'm learning to rely on the Lord in more ways than ever each day but i wouldn't change a thing!  more to come on this throughout the school year no doubt...... ;)

1st day of school breakfast! our handsome 2nd & 6th graders!

** isaac. this is our 4th hurricane season living on the gulf coast and this was our first real threat of an actual hurricane! we totally used it as an excuse to skip town and enjoy a little family get away in birmingham, al! we are so greatful that it turned and missed pensacola but our hearts break for all of those who lost so much. its sobering to realize that could have very easily been us ~ praying for each and every person who was and continues to be affected.

pit stop with friends along I65 before going our seperate ways!

in the hotel room!

we found a great arcade/family fun center to play at!

who needs a huge arcade when you've got a water fountain?! ;)

**the big 3-0. that's right ~ my birthday has come and gone and i've officially begun my 30's.  as i expected it hasn't really bothered me ~ i'm looking forward to all that life has to offer!!  hubby always tells me i have an old soul so i suppose its fitting to finally leave my 20's behind! =)

**dylan. ha! this little dude is such a handful but man he's funny!  he's learning and growing so fast right now and i'm loving every minute of it!  his little personality is really starting to show and its so fun! he was sick for the first time a couple weeks ago and that was NO fun =( but luckily it only lasted a couple days and he was back to his spunky little self!

wearing big bro's football pads ~ that "cheese" grin gets me every time! 

so that's a little bit of what's been keeping me busy lately!  most days i feel like i will never be organized, have the house as clean as i'd like, do as much as i'd like to EVER again.  but in those moments when i'm overwhelmed with housework, finances, school work, my wants, etc, etc....i look at this family God has blessed me with and i make myself smile until my feelings catch up with the smile on my face!  because the truth is i really wouldn't change a thing.  and i know that one day i will have more time to clean & organize and then?  i'll miss this chaos & mess!  i'm blessed!

He tends his flock like a sheperd; He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart; He gently leads
those that have young.
~Isaiah 40:11~

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a boy a girl and a pug said...

Oh yeah!! I love that you're back to blogging! I've missed reading your posts. ..the kiddos have grown so much! Such cuties. Happy belated 30th