yes, yes ~ i've been mia for a while.  the last few weeks have been a little crazy in our world but i'm slowly getting back into the swing of things!

just a few days after dylan's party, hubby, dylan and i jetted off to washington dc for a week.  john has been on the national bone marrow donor registry for about 6 years and a couple of months ago he got a call that he was a potential match for a stem cell transplant.  after some additional testing, we got the call that he was the best match for the recipient!!  so, they flew my mother in law here to florida to stay with the big boys and john and i took the baby with us to dc for the procedure! 

all in all it was a smooth process. he received injections to help stimulate stem cell production for 4 days and then the 5th day was donation day!  there were some not so pleasant side effects from the injections but i was so humbled & blessed by the way john handled it all with so much grace.  this man amazes me and while i wasn't surprised at all by his willingness to give so freely of himself for another person's chance at life, i fell even more in love with him as i walked thru it with him. 

dylan LOVED this drawer & trying to entertain a busy 1yr old in a hotel room isn't easy so i finally gave in and just let him play in it!

silly boy playing w/ mommy's sunglasses =)

all done on donation day!  LOVE him!

grandma & her boys ~ she is such a blessing!

now we just wait and pray ~ we will get updates periodically over the next year about how the recipient is doing.  i've never prayed so much and so intentionally for a person i don't even know!  our prayer is that she feel God's love in a very real & tangible way thru this and that she is blessed with many healthy years to enjoy!  we are so grateful to all of our friends and family that pitched in to help in any way they could ~ the love, support, prayer, meals ~ it all was such a blessing to us!  we'd love to have you join us in praying for the recipient and her family as they face the recovery from transplant!

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