the weather today? gorgeous! windows open, sunny, breezy, gorgeous! {a little chilly, but since its january i looked past it} ;) as i am quite sure we all do, i had alot on my "to do" list for the day, and i was busy busy checking things off.

but then i heard two sweet little voices ~ "momma, can we explore out there?!?" (pointing to the front yard) i could have very easily explained that i had alot to get done and sweetly asked if they would mind exploring in the back yard instead. but i didn't. i stopped what i was doing, put my "to do" list on hold and went outside with them. no cell phone, no laptop, no notepad w/ a to do list staring me in the face. just me and these two incredible little peoples i'm so blessed to enjoy each day! we had a blast! they explored, ran, giggled and i soaked up every second of being in the moment with them. it was bliss.

{some sort of chase and crash game?? they loved it!}

{colby workin' his photo takin' magic}

{exploring. atleast colby is! brayden is patiently waiting till his bestest brother is ready to move on!}

{brayden showing off his mad pre school handwriting skillz}

i could just drink in this weather! my favorite! love the sunshine, fresh air, breeze.....everything about it! and i'm holding on to hope that i have MONTHS of it before i face the hell that is a florida summer! ;)


Erin @ BringingUpBurns said...

HOT Damn girlfriend! I haven't been blog hopping in weeks....you look awesome! So proud of you and all the hard work you are doing for YOU. I better go to bed so I have the energy to get up and run in the AM. =)

Stayed up to watch my TiVo'd bachelor. Drama. Drama. These chics are cuh-RAZY! I'm thinking maybe Tenley...or Gia...Miss our old bachelor/ette talks.

Can't wait for Jeff and Jordan on Amazing Race! XOXO

April said...

Nothing quite like a little fun in the sun...even it it was a little on the cool side! Make lots of memories with your boys...my oldest daughter will be 18 on Monday! Goes by so FAST!!! So...what did you think of "The Bachelor"? He kept Vienna around AGAIN!!! UGH!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like sweet times! Can you send some of that warmness up here? Calling for snow Friday & Saturday with a low of 9..... I could've sworn that NC was still in the South. I think someone moved us a up a little and didn't tell us...LOL!

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Sigh. Can hardly wait for the snow to melt here. Spring, spring, spring- well at least it's fun to say. ;-)