Not Me!

I have seen Not Me! Monday posts on other blogs for a while now. and i laugh every time. usually because i can relate in some shape or form to the things shared in these posts. and given the craziness in my life right now, i figured a Not Me! Monday post was just what i needed to remember how trivial all the hiccups in my life truly are. and to remind myself how humorous my self proclaimed short comings are! So here we go....

i most certainly do not still have all of my christmas decorations up. and i didn't plan to take them down today and then not do it. nope, not me!

and i absolutely did not spend an entire day over the weekend laying around reading Breaking Dawn and ignoring most of my wifely and motherly duties. of course i didn't!

and i sure didn't feed my family nothing but fat and grease filled fast food for every meal one day last week because i had no groceries. nope. you guessed it...not me!

and last but not least, we DID NOT skip church on sunday because that would mean missing kick off of the cowboys game! not me! {just to be completely disappointed in the outcome of the game.}

how about you?!? any "not me's" to share?? it really is quite liberating to just put it out there and chuckle! for more Not Me! Monday fun head over to MckMama's blog and check out all the other posts that are linked!! Happy Monday!


a boy a girl and a pug said...

too funny especially the decorations! ha! and poor cowboys we were crushed.

MRMD_GRL said...

I most definitely did not go blog stalking other not me monday posts before doing my homeowrk tonight :)

Great post!!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

These always make me laugh too. It is so nice to be in good company with other Mamas. I hope you get that much needed coffee. PTL for it, right? :)

(followed you over here from twitter and the #500in2010 challenge)

April said...

My hubby was so disappointed about the Cowboys! This was a fun post to read...now, are you going to recap last night's episode of "The Bachelor"? Hint, hint!

Liz said...

I cannot believe that you still have your Christmas decorations up. Girl, it's almost February! It's time to decorate for Valentine's Day....:o)