Another one bites the dust.....

This last weekend Colby played in his last soccer game here. He has played 6 seasons while we have lived here. All with the same coaches. This soccer league has been a huge part of our lives while here. Two of my very best friends i met the first season of soccer and they have become like sisters to me. My eyes fill with tears as i write this knowing that its over.....as of 5pm on Saturday that part of our lives was over. That realization has hit me harder than i expected it to. And it has hit Colby pretty hard as well. But he played amazing and we couldn't be prouder of how hard he has worked and how much he has grown in discipline, sportsmanship, and game play.

Here is a picture of our lil man at the end of his 1st season.....soooo stinkin' cute!! =)

And here are a few from this season!!

(Colby is #7!)

These 3 have played together all 6 seasons!

We will always have such fond memories from our time on the soccer field here on Whidbey Island. And while i know there will be soccer wherever we go it just doesn't make it any easier to bid farewell to a part of our lives we've truly come to cherish. To all of those who have touched our lives the last 6 seasons...(you know who you are)....Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. Tears stream down my face as i type....there just aren't words to tell you how much each of you has meant to us as a family. You will all be so very missed. Good luck in seasons to come!

(why can't crying just burn like massive amounts of fat??!! i'd be one skinny chica i swear!) ;)


April said...

Your story had me all choked up, too! Must be hormonal...I don't know! I think a lot of it has to do with the realization that life is so fleeting and to be able to find people you connect with is such a rare and special thing. Tuck all those memories away in your heart and take them wherever you go.

Your son is so cute! Good job on a great soccer season!

April said...

You've been "Boo-ed"! Go to my blog for a special little surprise! :)

Erin said...

From the title - I thought your post was going to be something funny! Then so sad. I am sorry you have to go thru this again. It must get harder as the boys get bigger and they are sad to leave too! You all are in my prayers.

You did come thru and make me laugh at the end tho! Crying = Skinny. Don't we wish!

ShortOne said...

so sweet, yet so sad. my brother is in the air force & i have seen him & his family go through this many times. i'll keep you in my prayers and that the transition is not too hard.

love the crying to get skinny idea - LOL!!!