Fall Fun

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. I love everything about it....the cooler temperatures, the colors, smells, activities, foods......i L.O.V.E. fall! We've been busy enjoying lots of fall activities this year as a family so i thought i would share a few of them today!

We made time to carve one of our pumpkins one night last week. The boys were so excited and then they spent the whole time cutting up the pieces of the pumpkin that were going to go in the trash! But they had fun and every once in a while would glance up to see how the carving was going!

The pta at Colby's school holds a fall festival every year with games and candy and fun giveaways. We have attended every year and it is always so fun to see all of the kids and to watch Colby interact with his school friends! We didn't win anything in the giveaways this year but they boys had a blast and left with tons of candy!

Colby & friends!

Colby doing the bean bag toss!

Daddy and Brayden taking a break from all the action!

And then on Sunday we headed to the south end of the island with some friends to the M Bar C ranch. It was gorgeous and alot of fun. The ranch holds camps to benefit children with various disabilities so the money spent went to a great cause and we had such a good time! We played games, went on a hayride, picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, and had a good 'ole ranch style dinner!

The boys w/ the pumpkin they chose

Isn't it beautiful?

The kids thought this sign was great!

On the hayride wagon

cute rocking horses

Colby playing a little twister

So, fall is my favorite season and these are a few of the things we've been doing to enjoy it! What is your favorite season?? And what sorts of things do you do to enjoy that season??


Anonymous said...

Excellent carved pumpkin!!! Colby looks like quite the little hunk all musceled up! And Brayden looks WAYYYYY scary, he must be the bad spidy. Love you guys.
Grama Terry

April said...

I love your pumpkin! Very cute! Looks like you all had such a good time at the various activities.

As for me? I would have to say that winter is my favorite season primarily because of Christmas...my favorite holiday. I love being with my family, especially with my husband being off from work and my girls off from school. We have so much fun together and I never want it to end!

Have a terrific Wednesday...the weekend is almost here! Yeah!!!

Erin said...

It's hard for me to pick - I am always ready for each season when it is time for it to come. I do love this time of year...even tho it's still in the high 70's here every day! I am hoping November feels a little bit more like FALL!

Looks like you've been busy! The pictures of M Bar C are amazing - so pretty! Love the one of you all on the wagon. And UM....your pumpkin carving skills ROCK! I am seriously impressed!

Scrapper Mom said...

Girl...that pumpkin rocks!

Lainey-Paney said...

oh, looks like tons of fun.
and yes, that scenic shot is beautiful!