Not so Menu Monday

A menu for this week just isn't happening for a couple of reasons!
A certain little someone in our home has a birthday this week and we are excited about celebrating him and all the joy he has brought our family the last 2 years!!
Also?  My mother in law is coming to visit this week and we are looking forward to having her here!  The big boys have been making all kinds of fun plans with her and she will get to be a part of Dylan's party too!!
And??  It's summatime.  We've been spending a lot of time at the beach and kind of throwing plans out the window!  For example, Saturday evening it had been rainy and stormy all day and was starting to clear up a little so we decided to head out to eat.  On the way, we changed our minds, picked up ice cream for dinner and headed to the beach!  The boys were all in regular clothes, we had no chairs, blankets, towels but ya know?!  We had so much fun!!  And in case you were questioning my standings in the race for mother of the year?!  My kids ate chips for dinner at the beach last night!  They did share with the seagulls so that counts as a lesson in sharing right?!!  ha!!  Ice cream for dinner one night and chips for dinner the next ~ whatevs!  I'm loving just being in the moment and enjoying time with family and friends!
This week will be busy and tons of fun and I have no idea what we'll be eating!! I'll figure it out as we go!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you take some time to throw caution to the wind this week and just have FUN!!
I'll be back to my menu planning ways soon!


April said...

Sure sounds like a fun time is planned! Hope the birthday celebration goes off without a hitch!

Be sure to stop by my blog today, if you can. I'm having a giveaway for a FREE 8 x 10 Easy Canvas! Would sure love to have you join in! :)

Angela said...

Every kid deserves a potato chip dinner kind of night. :) Those are the best...the ones they will remember for many years to come!