Happy Birthday!

Our baby boy turned 1 today! This little boy is pure joy. His smile lights up a room and his giggles warm my heart. His brothers are completely enamored with him. His daddy and I are head over heels in love with him. He gets away with more than he should because really? With a grin like that its so hard to be upset with him! He is ALL boy ~ he loves to play ball and rough house with his big brothers. He is our little answer to so very many prayers and i cannot imagine our family without him! I've spent so much time looking through pictures of the last year and its soooo hard but here are a few of my favorites......

2 months

oh.my.word. i miss this!

really starting to smile big and interact more!

such a happy boy!

ready to hit the pool!

happy birthday boy after his morning nap!

at 12month well baby appt ~ 23lbs 11oz & 31.25 inches

Dr.Maano says i'm doing great! =)
We are very excited to celebrate our little monkey with friends on saturday at his party!  Hard to believe how fast he's growing up but such a blessing to watch him learn and grow each day! 

Children are a gift from the Lord;  they are a reward from him.
~Psalm 127:3~

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Lainey-Paney said...

Happy Birthday, Dude!