catch up & belly shots!

okay. so trying to actually catch up after so many months of not blogging is kinda difficult. so i guess i will just share whatever comes to mind! ready, set, go...

In some ways this pregnancy is flying by and in alot of ways it seems to be going so slowly! I am almost 23 weeks now and definitely feeling pregnant!

16 weeks!

As i shared in my last post the first 4 1/2 months were brutal. I was very sick and struggled w/ weight loss. But, i am very happy to report that i am feeling SO much better and while i do deal with the typical pregnancy stuff like horrible heartburn (this kiddo better have a head FULL of gorgeous hair!), lots of hip and groin pain (i'm carrying SO low this time!), and exhaustion, I am overwhelmed with how blessed i am to be carrying this little miracle!!

22 weeks!

And now for a random list of stuff thats been going on the last few months & thoughts that come to mind....

* ITS A BOY!!! His name is Dylan Joseph and we are thrilled to be adding lil man #3 to our brood!!!

*did y'all watch the Bachelor?! Cause you know i did and i LOVE Brad & Emily together!! And i truly believe they will make it and are one of the more "real" couples to come out of the show!

* Colby had pneumonia last month (and has asthma which is a yucky combo!) and we go in this week for follow up chest films ~ praying they come back clear as he has just in the last few days started w/a productive cough again. its just no fun to have sickly babies! (yeah...i said baby even tho he is almost 10!)

*i seriously have the best husband. like EVER! he just makes life so much more fun and i can't imagine having to live a day w/o his support and corny jokes! ;) i am so blessed!

* last month i had 6 friends have babies!!! so fun!! and what's even better?! they were ALL boys ~ Dylan totally has a built in peer group! ha! (and several more friends will have boys in the next couple of months!) (and?! one friend is having a girl in a couple of months ~ can we say arranged marriage?!! i'm totally calling dibs!)

* this is the most active baby i have ever carried!! we had to go back a second time for the sonogram tech to be able to get all the pics they needed and both times they commented on how crazy active he is! (you don't have to tell me twice ~ i feel it and i love it!) hubby & both of the boys have already been able to feel him move!! =)

*our kids spring break isn't until the last week of april! isn't that weird?! but we are looking forward to it because we will be traveling for the last time as a family of 4!! we will be spending the week in atlanta doing all kinds of fun stuff!! & if you have recommendations for good restaurants in the downtown area i'd love to hear 'em!!

* the weather here has been AHmazing. we have so been enjoying windows open, riding bikes, (the boys of course~not me!) fresh air and breezes, sunshine and highs in the 70's!! here is where i tell you that i am all too aware of the impending heat and humidity and that i'm SO not looking forward to putting up w/ all that while being huge and pregnant. but it will be so worth it! ;)

and i think thats it for now!! life is good, we are blessed and getting more and more excited about baby Dylan's arrival all the time!! happy 1st week of spring!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are well and that baby Dylan is doing good! Congrats!

I hope you have a great time on your trip to Atlanta. I have not been since I was a teenager.

Praying that Colby's chest xray is normal! Sorry to hear he's been sick!