Joyful ~ the 2nd!

There are several things about this picture that bring me joy!

*my girlfriends bring me so much joy! i know i share alot here about how much the friendships god has blessed me with mean to me. these girls {along w/ a few who couldn't be there!} are a sure source of joy in my life!

*2 of these girls are pregnant w/ babies we have all been praying for....JOY! so much JOY in that!!

*right before taking this picture, we were all drinking coffee and chatting and those are two things that each bring me joy! combine the the two and its like a joyful jackpot! ;)


Erin @ BringingUpBurns said...

YOU back blogging is what brings me JOY today!! I have missed you more than you know and have thought about you a million times more. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

April said...

What a great picture of all you ladies and your little ones. Ahh...memories in the making!