Catch Up {bullet style}

Not even really sure where the last two weeks went other than to say they FLEW by!! We've been staying pretty busy with day to day "stuff" and by the time the evening rolls around and i have an opportunity to blog, i just haven't felt very inspired. please tell me i'm not the only one who gets this way?!?

here's a quick update~bullet style!

  • colby had a skating birthday party for one his classmates and we all got to go! brayden even got to skate for the first time!

{colby & friends @ the birthday party!}

{hubby trying to help brayden skate for the 1st time!}

  • our small group had a not so small super bowl party! we had a great time!

  • hubby was nominated for sailor of the quarter!! i am so incredibly proud of him!! he gives his best ALL the time and never expects any sort of recognition for it. BUT....as his wife it is such a blessing to see his hard work recognized! he went before the board last week, but we haven't heard yet if he was selected!

  • the small group that i lead for military wives at our church has started back up after a long holiday hiatus! i'm so blessed by each of the ladies in the group and i missed seeing them each week!

  • last friday, pensacola shut down because of a chance of snow. i guess i kind of get why, but seriously it was comical! the military bases and schools shut down which meant i had all of my guys home with me! and just take a guess at how much snow we had?!? ZERO! ha! but we had a great time as a family on our non snowing snow day! =)

  • hubby and i were blessed to be able to attend a marriage conference at our church on friday night and saturday morning! i am firm believer that no matter how great or not great your marriage is, these conferences are such a blessing if you go into it with a heart to hear what God has for you! we really enjoyed it and even got to go to dinner together before the session on friday night!

our good friends seth and ryan hung out with the boys so we could go and they ALL had a great time! apparently seth went to walmart and bought something like 50 nerf darts and they had a BIG nerf fight! i'm still finding darts! ;)

  • and last but certainly not least, i have added 32.58 miles to my total since i last posted!! quickly approaching the 100 mile mark!!

so. life is crazy and busy but so so blessed!! i am looking forward to mops and a scrapbooking night with friends this week and relaxing w/ my 3 favorite guys this weekend!! oh yeah, and finding more time/inspiration to blog! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wow... you have been busy! I am laughing at the nonsnow snow day! That happens here too!