Broken Heart

Life is so very very fragile. This morning i got a harsh reminder of just how fast it can slip away. I woke this morning to a phone call from my mom that my papa was dying. He had already coded once and the DNR order was given. Less than half an hour later, he passed away peacefully.

My heart is broken. in a million pieces. There was no time for goodbyes. He was fighting cancer for the second time, but he was doing well. Until last night when he suddenly started having trouble breathing and less than 14 hrs later he was gone. My tough as nails, hardcore retired military, stubborn, stern, funny, Cowboys football and cashew lovin' papa is gone. It still doesn't feel completely real. Accept it does...and it is...very real.

So many memories have flooded my mind all day long and i smile...even thru the tears, i smile. What a blessing to have been so close to him. To share so many memories. Despite our military lifestyle and the distance that has separated us, we were blessed to share christmas with him last year. And blessed to spend time with him again in June for the boys' birthdays. He was an amazing man. So very loved and will be so very missed.

We will be leaving in the morning to head back home and be with family. Please pray for my Grandma Lil and for all of the family and friends that will be traveling thru the week to be at the funeral. I pray you all had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday full of family, friends and lots of love! Hug the ones you love today and cherish every moment you are blessed with!


Russ and Erin said...

Oh Aubrey, my prayers are with you. It is SO HARD to lose our special loved ones. Hope your heart is comforted. :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you & your family during this difficult time!

April said...

So sorry for your loss! You know I will be praying for you all.

R, S, A, A said...

What a wonderful reminder especially during this holiday season that loved ones and family is what it is all about! Your family will be in our prayers! God bless you sweetie!

Anonymous said...

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Lainey-Paney said...

so sorry

~love said...

i love that picture. i love that you got to spend so much time with him. he is missed!