Fun & Friends

Last Sunday our church had their second picnic of the summer. We had plans to go until we checked the weather. {because saturday was pretty stormy!} The forecast didn't look pretty and after chatting with some friends we were going to go with, we all decided to just plan on doing a bbq at our house instead of chance the weather! There was lots of food, laughter, and kiddos playing and having a great time!

this is 8 day old {at the time} Gavin! Is he not the most precious little thing?!

Brayden, JT, John Micheal, Colby, Levi & Alexis....buddies!
{they were all stinky & sweaty at this point accept Alexis of course!}

By the time everyone went home i'm pretty sure all of the boys had black feet from running around outside and they were all stinky sweaty! 2 signs of a great time had by boys!! ;) We are so blessed by all the wonderful friends we've made here and we always enjoy getting together!
{for the record....it never rained! ha! but we had a good time and that was the ultimate goal!}

Then yesterday, me and the boys met up with my friend Chastity and her kiddos for the library, park and a picnic! We had a really good time! My boys love the library and this was the first time we've made it since we moved here. {i know i know...sad!} When we finished at the library we headed down the street to the park and when the kiddos had played their hearts out we enjoyed a picnic lunch!

these flowers were all over at the park....they are soooo gorgeous! anyone know what they are?

Brayden swinging

Colby & JM on the tire swing

sweaty, tired boys finishing up their lunch

It was a great morning out of the house having fun with friends for both the kiddos and me! Its hard to believe that summer is already almost over! My guys start back to school on the 24th....when do kids start back where you are?!?


Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having good times with friends. My TN kids (nieces & nephew) go back Monday. My NC kid (niece) goes back on the 24th too. It's hard to believe that some kids go back so early.

~love said...

so thankful that the girls don't start until after labor day!! oh, we may not talk about that ANY more right now!!!!!

i need an 8 day old! (yum!)

yay for friends and food and picnics!!

Lainey-Paney said...

great pics!!!

flower: passion flower.