Tip-Toeing Thru the Tulips

We packed up and headed off island to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival this weekend!!! We had a wonderful time enjoying the gorgeous weather and rows and rows of tulips! I *heart* tulips and spending time with friends & family so I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to do both on a beautiful spring day!

Lil' Studs!

Friends make life sweeter!

Me & My lil men!

I truly felt God's love while taking time to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings this weekend! I am so very blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends and breath taking beauty and I couldn't be more grateful!


Jean Marie Bibby said...

What beautiful pictures! OOOOOOOOO, the tulips....sniff, it was 43 this weekend. :-(

Ready, set, fire....
How old are the boys now?
When are you guys heading to FL?
When is Hubby scheduled to be back?

How's that for a few questions? :-)

Erin said...

What beautiful pictures! I want to go to a Tulip Festival!!

Very exciting to hear about your move. I am glad it is what you want - and it means your husband will be home for awhile.

And the Home Depot workshop - and those planter boxes! What an awesome idea. You are such a good "Boy Mom!" I will have to remember that Home Depot does that. Very cool!